Online Beginner Sewing Classes

Have you always wanted to take beginner sewing classes, but have no idea where to begin?

Are you too busy, too stressed out? The desire is there, but there’s just no time to devote to learning such a “complicated” hobby?

Are you having a hard time finding the colors, fit and style of clothing, or customized home decorating items that will express your unique personality?


DIY = Do it yourself. It’s time to treat yourself, and enjoy the pride of making your own. You can learn online how to make your own clothes, gifts and home accessories.

You pick the fabric, the color, the fit, and the style. Everything you make will be uniquely you – expressing your creativity, your skills, and your sense of fashion. Not shopping mall fashion!

You can learn to sew, right in your own home, using Kalico Fabric’s online beginner Sewing classes. With your weekly sewing lessons, you’ll get the guidance and encouragement to practice sewing, a little at a time.

Follow the weekly beginner sewing classes, and you’ll soon be wearing the apron you made yourself.

You’ll get step by step instructions, and make practice samples of the sewing techniques you need to complete your project, before cutting into that expensive fabric.

You’ll soon be confident enough to use commercial patterns, and be proud because you can sew the things you want that are uniquely you!

Want to know more about how to begin?

All of our beginner sewing classes "For Beginners Only" are totally online. Because you’re more comfortable at home, and you CAN learn to sew at home. With our guidance, of course.

**If you can't thread your machine or stitch a straight line, you should definitely sign up for our

Online Sewing Basics class first.

With all of our online beginner sewing classes, you decide when to learn. When to read, watch the videos or practice a new sewing technique.

No need to drive to scheduled classes, forgetting your equipment, waiting your turn for help from a busy teacher, and having to share irons and cutting tables.

Do you think you don't have the time to learn to sew?

Well, we really believe that anyone with sewing desire can find an “extra” hour a week to do the practice sewing sessions. And with our unique format, we will help you do just that.

When you pay for this series of Beginner Sewing classes, we will immediately send you the first one- week-at-a-time lesson. No need to download long e-books that you’ll never get around to reading. No need to feel guilty because you didn’t do everything you were told to do.

Each week you’ll receive an email from us, with links to the sewing lesson for that week. You can print out the Sample Workbook pages (they’re in easy to read and print Adobe Reader, or PDF format). When you have a few moments to relax, simply follow the step-by-step directions for the samples you’ll make for that week.

Also included are exclusive videos, pictures, articles and audio files which tell you exactly how to achieve the skills for that week.

green apron, online sewing classes, sewing, Just an hour a week (and it doesn’t even have to be a straight hour!) will help you build the sewing skills that you’ll use to sew the workshop project in the final week - an apron that you can make in your choice of sizes, fabrics, and trims.

And by then, you’ll already have a good start on the techniques needed for that project, because you’ve already practiced on samples.

Keep the samples you’ve made in a binder, and soon you’ll have your own sewing book, one that you’ve created. You’ll be able to refer back to the sewing techniques you’ve already accomplished, and be confident knowing you can do them again!

Nothing too complicated, step-by step videos, instructions and diagrams. Beginner friendly patterns, with projects that are ideal for learning the skills that you’ll use in all your future sewing. Building your sewing confidence, week-by-week.

You’ll get four weekly Beginner Sewing classes, “For Beginners Only”, for just $19.95.

Are you ready to learn to sew – on your schedule?

“This sounds like an answer to my dreams. Exactly what I have been wanting to do.” Ellen

Learn to sew now - because you've always wanted to

These courses are based on the exact lessons that beginning students get in my sewing studio. Except they’ve paid $40 for the privilege of a 2-1/2 hour, one-time course in person.

The trouble with in-person lessons though, is that my students need to live locally, and make arrangements to get a few hours of free time. Many of them need to hire babysitters, and then once they’re here at my studio, their cell phone is constantly ringing.

I’ve finally decided to try and offer the same beginner sewing classes to people who just don’t have the time (or live close enough) to take sewing lessons in person.

As a certified sewing teacher, I know I can teach more people how to sew and build their skills, without having to show up on my time schedule. And I would love to have you become one of my satisfied online students!

For half the cost of my in-studio class, you will get four weeks of your very own beginner sewing classes .

For just $19.95, you can learn to sew. You set your own schedule, build your sewing skills, and practice the techniques. When you follow the weekly workshops, you will soon have your sewing project done!

Ready to begin your sewing classes?

You’ll Have a Certified Sewing Teacher available to answer Your Questions

Despite my best efforts to explain and show sewing techniques step-by-step, there are times when a student has a question about how to do something. They just don’t understand, even after watching the video and reading the instructions. Which is fine, because they are beginners, and I know how to help.

That’s why the Online Beginner Sewing classes will help you learn to sew. Because if at any time you have a problem understanding one of the techniques, I’m just an email away.

As your sewing teacher, I will do everything I can to help you learn to sew, including answering questions that you think might be “silly” or “stupid”. I want to help, and I want you to be satisfied with the lessons.

Why not just buy a sewing basics book?

Some people might tell you to just buy a sewing book. But I know that doesn’t work for most people, because there are so many sewing books on the shelves, and new ones all the time. Lots of books sold to people who have the intention and desire to learn to sew, but no one actually learning!

Learning to sew is not always something you can learn out of a $29.95 sewing basics book, because sewing is a hands-on activity, and a book is not “hands-on”. How can you buy a sewing gauge, when you don’t know what it looks like?

You know how you sometimes need to look up the spelling of a word in the dictionary? Well, how can you look it up, if you don’t know how to spell it? Same thing with sewing. How can you sew a clean finish edge, when you don’t know what that means?

With these lessons, you’ll not only find out what it means, you’ll sew an actual sample (following the step-by step directions, of course). Put the finished sample in your own sewing book. So next time you can’t remember what a clean finish is, you can go right to your sample, and know that you’ve done it once, you can do it again!

If you know how to thread a sewing machine, wind a bobbin, and sew a straight line, it's time to begin your online learn-to-sew adventures!

Okay, so you Don't know how to thread your machine? Sign up for our Online Sewing Basics Class first

If you don't yet know how to thread your sewing machine, wind a bobbin, or stitch a straight line, I have developed a Sewing Basics online series of classes. Same format, but more basics. So if you don't have the confidence or knowledge to operate your sewing machine why not start there?

Beginner Sewing Classes - the Basics

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