Decorate a Bra for
Breast Cancer Awareness

Our Decorate a Bra became a community event when the buzz around town was all about the Art Walk, taking place one weekend in October. I wanted to do something so that all the visitors could come to the studio and participate in making something, not just look at things. Something to make them realize how easy it is to create!

The decorated bra pictured here I call the "Scarlett O'Hara", made from a new green and white dish scrubbie that was taken apart.

Inspiration hit when I realized what a perfect opportunity this was to spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is the month of October. I recalled the huge decorated bra exhibit I had seen in years past. It was a traveling exhibit of bras – each bra completely decorated to the max. The exhibit was a real smile producer. Exactly what I wanted to do; we would have a "decorate a bra" event!

This bra was designed by my daughter, and completed by me. Woven ribbons and a little netting make for the most popular decorated bra. It was the first place vote getter!

When word got out that I was having a “Decorate a bra” event, suddenly I had lots of offers from women who had bras they no longer used. Several of the offers were from cancer survivors, wanting to celebrate the fact that their bras could be used in a creative way.

I washed several big bags of used bras of all different sizes and shapes. (Couldn’t get over the amount of wiring and padding in some of the bras – including water filled pouches. What in the world are we doing wearing bras filled with water????)

This bra was made from leaves, grapes, yarn, and a little wine inspiration.

So, I gathered up bags of supplies – feathers, sequins, fabric scraps, flowers, beads, trims, and hot glue guns. I went to the 99cent store and loaded up on things that could be pulled apart and used for decorating.

What a great weekend! The studio was filled with laughter, giggles, exclamations, and pride as each participant created their own masterpiece. Many of them wanted to take theirs home (one lady even wanted to wear hers on Halloween!)

This is, obviously, a cowgirl bra, made from a brown bandana and a daisy. The upholstery brads make it rather unwearable. But it will look great next to the cowgirl quilt I finished this year!

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