How to Felt Hats

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Felt hats are easy to make with this kit - no knitting or crocheting required. Whether you make them funky, funny or fashionable, the hats made from this kit are made by hand - in just one afternoon.

There are many books and magazines with complicated and time consuming patterns for knitting a hat with wool, and then felting, usually using your washing machine. What a mess!

Often, you can't find the right yarn for felting, or the knitting won't shrink enough, making your hats too big. And then there's the wool hats that shrink too much - because you over washed them.

With this kit, you'll use wool roving with just the right qualities to ensure that you'll get the results you want.

You will wrap layers of wool around an inflatable ball, and add nubs and other colors to form a design of your choice. Then begin the felting process using the ball, soap, and water.

This kit is recommended by the maker as appropriate for ages 12 and older. And, it contains enough wool roving to make 2 hats, in your choice of colors.

This is a perfect gift for an adventuresome crafter, a knitter who has never tried hand felting, or someone who loves all things fiber related!

Your kit contains:
Harrisville’s 100% wool fleece;
wool nubs and pencil roving,
an inflatable ball
and complete instructions.

Harrisville is an award-winning company well known for their quality kits and easy to understand instructions. Made in USA.


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