Online Sewing Classes

Do you want to make friends with your sewing machine? Follow our online sewing classes for beginners, and you’ll soon be sewing your very first project, with the confidence to learn more.

What Kind of a Sewist are you?

We know you are busy - probably too busy to take sewing lessons and commit to a local class every Saturday. You just don’t have the time – or the money. So there sits your sewing machine – unused, but not forgotten.

Do you spend some time on the web, and are totally inspired with all the wonderful things that others are sewing? Wish you could do that? All those great ideas, and you just don’t know how to get started?

Perhaps you’re one of the guilty ones. You got this amazing sewing machine for Christmas or a birthday, and it’s still sitting in the box in the corner of your bedroom. The thought of learning how to use it is tiring, and something you just can’t tackle right now.

Maybe the sewing machine scares you a little. Last time you tried to sew with it, the threads got all bunched up and you were so frustrated you gave up.

Or, you used to sew, but haven’t for a long, long time. You know you could do it, but everything is so changed!

For all of the Wonderful Potential Sewers

You are the reason we’ve come up with the our online sewing classes "For Beginners Only".

We want to take away your fear of the machine, and build your confidence in what you can make.

Step by step, you follow the lessons that are emailed to you once a week, for five weeks. You practice a little each week. No huge commitment, except the time you want to spend. You’ll soon have your first sewing project, a pillowcase, completed.

What You Will Learn During the Online Sewing Classes

You’ll learn about your sewing machine and how to thread it and take care of it. You’ll read about fabrics, thread, sewing machine needles, and why you need a manual. You’ll make samples. You will practice sewing a straight or curvy line, learn to backstitch, and pivot for square corners. Then you’ll make a pillowcase with enclosed seams – it will be pretty enough to give away as a gift!

Less Expensive than Live Classes

Your lessons are identical to all the info and instruction we give to our private students. Except they’ve paid $40 for the “hands-on” attention and the fun of meeting us for 3 hours.

Instead, you can learn to sew in five lessons, for $19.95. You will receive one lesson each week, which you complete on your schedule - whenever you get a free moment.

Each week you will receive an email with links to videos, pdf's, and articles about the sewing basics. Step by step, until the final week, when you'll complete your very first project.

Ready to begin?

Just $19.95 for five weeks!

How do I know I can learn to sew online?

The lessons are designed for adults – not too much cutesy stuff here. Just honest, practical, here’s how you thread your machine and sew what you want instruction. Videos, pdf's, diagrams and articles that explain in "beginner sewing language" just what you need to do.

We know it is possible to learn to sew online, because we’ve heard so many success stories from students who have followed the sewing lessons they’ve received from us.

"Learning to sew was something I kept putting off - I just didn't have the time to take lessons. But with these lessons, I was able to do just a little each week. After a month, I finished my first pillowcase. Wow! I'm ready for more." Emma

Many of our beginning students feel so successful, they continue with Kalico Fabric’s Part 2 online sewing classes, where they learn to make their own pattern and sew an apron.

We really want you to learn how to sew, not get frustrated with another sewing class! So if you aren't confident in your ability to thread a machine and follow instructions, the Online Sewing Basics class "For Beginners Only" will be the perfect way to build your skills and knowledge.

Whatever you decide to do, we know you can gain the confidence and skills you need to sew whatever you want.

Of course, it all takes time, patience (you will learn how to rip out stitches), and practice.

We won’t promise you’ll have the skills to make a prom dress or World of Warcraft costume as soon as you complete your Sewing Basics lessons. But we sure can get you headed in the right direction!

How do I get started?

If it's your time to learn to sew:

Do you have questions, comments, or concerns about the online sewing classes? Please let us know how we can help you. Contact us about Online Sewing Classes